Why is Ricciardo pronounced Riccardo?

Ricciardo pronounces his name ‘Ricardo‘ instead of the Italian pronunciation ‘Rit-char-do’, saying that is how his family pronounces it.” Just a wild guess here, but there is the possibility that it is because that’s how Daniel himself pronounces it.

How do you pronounce Daniel Ricciardo?

Ricciardo pronounces his surname “Ricardo” instead of the Italian pronunciation “Rit-chi-ardo”, attributing this to the way it was usually pronounced growing up in Australia and by his family.

Why is Ricciardo Number 3?

Austin, Texas — Racing in the United States is special to Australian Daniel Ricciardo for many reasons, but one in particular: the number on his car and his helmet. Ricciardo, an avid fan of the late Dale Earnhardt, chose No. 3 when he landed at Infiniti Red Bull Racing this year as a rookie.

Who is Ricciardo girlfriend?

F1 news 2021: Daniel Ricciardo girlfriend Jemma Boskovich dating Supercars driver.