Why is Vineyard pronounced the way it is?

vineyard (n.) c. 1300, replacing Old English wingeard, from vine + yard (n. The German is pronounced “vine garten”, but it appears the old English has the “vin-” pronunciation, and thus modern English follows.

Is Vinyard or vineyard pronounced?

Vineyard is generally pronounced as he described to you. British English and American English are quite different, though.

What does Vineyard mean?

1 : a planting of grapevines. 2 : a sphere of activity : field of endeavor toilers in the vineyard of diplomacy— Daniel Schorr.

How do you speak to a vineyard?

How do you pronounce Vinedresser?

Is Vineyard an English word?

vineyard Add to list Share. The French tradition of wine making is what led English speakers to adopt a French term for “grape plantation,” although in South Africa it is called a “wine farm.” Around 1300, the Old English term wingeard was replaced with the word vineyard.