What does Xcaret mean in Spanish?

Xcaret means “small inlet” in Mayan. Its name comes from its situation next to a small inlet that in the past served as a strategic location for navigation and commerce for the Maya.

How do you pronounce Xel Ha?

Xelha is correct’Shell-Ha). The ‘X” is pronounced with an ‘S’ or ‘Sh’ sound. The differences between the two: XelHa is more water basedyou have absolutely great snorkeling and you can float on clear tubes (singles or doubles) down a river that empties into the ocean (you stop before the ocean).

Is Xcaret Natural?

Xcaret is the nature park in Playa del Carmen where you and your family will live Mexico in more than 50 natural and cultural attractions. Swim in underground rivers that come from the heart of the earth. This Cancun theme park makes your vacations unforgettable.

Are the ruins at Xcaret real?

Mayan ruins at Xcaret

These are actually real! The word “Xcaret” in Mayan means small inlet. This refers to the natural area that is Xcaret Eco Park today. In the past this was an area where Mayans used it as a port for commercial trade.

What company owns Xcaret?

It is part of Xcaret Experiencias Group which also owns the Xplor Park, Xel-Ha Park, and Xenses Park; as well as the Xichen, Xenotes, Xavage and Xoximilco tours and activities.

When did Xcaret open?

Xcaret Park/Opened

How much does Xcaret cost?

The Xcaret Basic admission is $99.99 USD, while Xcaret Plus is $129.99 USD. Get 10% off by purchasing online 7 to 20 days in advance, and 15% off by purchasing more than 21 days in advance. You can also purchase Xcaret tickets at most of the resorts in the Riviera Maya, including the Xcaret Hotel.

Why is Xcaret Park famous?

Xcaret is a water park, theme, amusement, eco-archaeological and more, in one place. Besides that, Xcaret is a theme park in Cancun and Riviera Maya that celebrates Mexico’s present and rich past, a country known for its traditions, culture and folklore.

Is Xcaret Park man made?

Personal Project To Sustainable Tourism

In 1984 the current Xcaret property was a privately owned piece of land (12 acres in total) that one man wanted to call his own. It was discovered that the property was part of an ancient Mayan city.

How deep is the water at Xcaret?

Discover the unique beauty of each one! The rivers of Xcaret flow about 16.4 ft below the ground. They have an extension of 656 yards approximately and an average depth of 5 ft. You will find intermediate exits, in case you want to finish your tour before the end.

Are there cenotes in Xcaret?

Visit to the four different types of cenotes that exist. Zip-lines and cliff jumps at K’áak’, an open cenote, and at Iik, an ancient cenote. Kayaking through Ha’, a semi-open cenote. Exploration swimming in Ha’, a semi-open cenote.

Are there crocodiles in Xcaret?

CROCODILES The crocodiles you see in Xcaret belong to the Morlets species, which can grow up to 3.5 meters (11.5 feet long). Morlets are normally found in fresh or brackish water, however, they can adapt to salt water environments.

Is it safe to swim in Cancun?

Cancun and the area to the south, the Riviera Maya, is home to some 150 miles of beach. It is important for visitors to always pay attention to flags on the beach, which indicate water conditions. A green flag means that it’s completely safe to swim.

Do cenotes have crocodiles?

No they are not. There is one small gator – not crocodile at casa cenote. His name is Panchito. He likes to chill in one specific area on a rock sun bathing and is sometimes found in the water as well.

How long is Xcaret River?

The full length of the Xcaret underground river is 656 yards.

What are the best Xcaret Parks?

They are daring and, OMG, they are fun! Don’t hesitate — all the experiences are perfectly safe. Created by Grupo Xcaret, the six stunning, eco-friendly parks are Xcaret by Mexico!, Xel-Ha, Xplor, Xplor Fuego, Xenses, and Xoximilco.

Is there a beach at Xcaret Park?

The beach of Xcaret is the ideal refuge to relax. Lay down under the shade of the palapas, and admire the scenery of the inlet facing the Caribbean sea. Walk on white sand, immerse yourself in calm waters, and let yourself be pampered by our beach bar service.

Where is the underground river Xcaret?

Xcaret’s Underground Rivers are part of a large cave system that forms deep under the surface of the Yucatan peninsula, which means you will snorkel in caves and swim along unique rock formations and marine fossils. They are 5 feet deep and they feature exits where you can stop and relax with the warm sun rays.

Are underground rivers real?

Subterranean rivers may be entirely natural, flowing through cave systems. In karst topography, rivers may disappear through sinkholes, continuing underground. In some cases, they may emerge into daylight further downstream. The longest subterranean river in the world is the Sistema Sac Actun cave system in Mexico.

How many attractions does Xcaret Park have?

Lots to See and Do at Xcaret

Xcaret Park (pronounced ish-ka-ret) is a 250-acre “eco-archaeological theme park” in the Riviera Maya offering over 50 attractions including aquatic activities, natural and cultural attractions, as well as shows.