How do I reset my Sundance spa?

Solution: Try turning off the spa for 1-2 minutes, then reboot. This allows ample time for the board to get a full reboot. If problem persists move to next.

How do you reset a clear ray light bulb?

How do you reset the CF on a Jacuzzi?

What does the clear ray bulb do?

WHAT IS CLEARRAY®? The CLEARRAY® System uses exclusive UV-C technology to neutralize 99.9% of waterborne pathogens that you cannot see so your water will be fresh and clean, without the uses of gasses.

What does Clearray mean on a hot tub?

Salt System – Creates Chlorine OR Bromine Which Will Cause Wear & Tear On Hot Tub Equipment, Cover, Pillows, Caps, Knobs, etc. CLEARRAYMEANS CLEANER WATER WITH FEWER CHEMICALS & LESS MAINTENANCE.

Do I need chlorine with Clearray?

Yes, it works with both. CLEARRAY™ is 100% compatible with both chlorine or bromine based water care products as well as silver mineral cartridges such as ProClear.

Why is my hot tub foaming up?

When air is added to the hot tub water from the jets, the “skin” traps some of that air; forming a bubble. The more surfactants and air that are present in the hot tub, the more bubbles you will get and the longer they will last. Eventually, the bubbles will begin to group together, causing a buildup of foam.

How do you take care of a Sundance spa?

For Weekly Care, you should check your water with a test strip. Sun-Boom level should be maintained at 1-2ppm with ClearRay (3-5ppm without ClearRay). Check the water is balanced (adjust Alkalinity first, then pH if necessary). Chlorine free Spa Shock should be added once or twice a week depending on usage.

How do you change a Sundance filter?

How long do Sundance spa filters last?

Sundance MicroClean II filters have a life expectancy of anywhere from 6-9 months depending on hot tub use. Cleaning this product in a filter cleaning solution will cause it to disintegrate.

How often should I change my Sundance spa filter?

Sundance MicroClean Filters

Simply replace the MicroClean Filter approximately every 3-5 Months to ensure your water stays clean & clear.

How do you clean a Sundance spa filter?

Simply add half a bottle of Cartridge Cleaner to 10 liters of warm water, soak overnight then rinse thoroughly. Both Filter Cleaning options have proven themselves to successfully remove grease, body oils, lotions and scale from Sundance Hot Tub Filters.

What does a filter do in a hot tub?

Silent but powerful features, your hot tub filters help ensure your hot tub’s overall performance and long life. They work in the background, trapping particles as water runs through the filter media and acting as the most important line of defense against dirty spa water.

How do I maintain my hot tub filter?

Hot Tub Filters: When to Clean, When to Change, and How
  1. 2-3 Weeks: A Quick Rinse and Inspection. While doing your regular inspection of your hot tub, you should remove your filter from the pool and rinse it with a garden hose to release larger debris such as hair and leaves.
  2. 2-3 Months: Thorough Cleaning.
  3. To clean your filter:
  4. Once a Year: Replace Your Filter.
  5. Special Tips:

How do you get a stuck filter out of a hot tub?

Turn the hot tub power off. Use a strap wrench for leverage to remove the stuck filter. Remove the water from your hot tub.

How to make sure your hot tub filter does not become stuck:

  1. Hand tighten your filter only.
  2. Do not cross thread your filter.
  3. Clean your hot tub filter monthly.
  4. replace your hot tub filter yearly.

How often should I change hot tub filter?

Generally speaking, a quality filter will last anywhere between two to five years if it is being properly cared for and cleaned along the way. For most hot tub owners that use their spa frequently up to three years would be the longest they should expect a filter to last.

How do you clean a hot tub filter?

How do you change a spa filter?

Where is my spa filter?

Generally, filters are located before the heater, but identifying which way the water is flowing through your hot tub’s plumbing network can be more hassle than what it’s worth.

How do I know what filter my hot tub needs?