How do I reset my Canon MG3520 to factory settings?

Follow the steps below to initialize the network settings

Press and hold the Stop button until the Alarm lamp flashes 17 times. Release the Stop button. The network settings are initialized.

How do I reset my Canon mg3250 printer?

How do I reset my Canon printer to factory settings?

1 Factory Reset
  1. Press Setup.
  2. Press the arrow buttons until you navigate to Device settings and then press OK.
  3. Press the arrow buttons until you navigate to Reset setting and then press OK.
  4. Press the arrow buttons until you navigate to Reset all and then press OK.
  5. Select Yes.
  6. Press OK. Your device is now reset.

Where is the reset button on a Canon printer?

How do I reset my Canon wireless printer?

  1. Turn the printer off and back on.
  2. Press and hold the Wi-Fi button (A) until the ON ((B) lamp flashes, release the button.
  3. Press and release the Color Start (C) button.
  4. Press and release the Wi-Fi (A) button.
  5. Make sure that the Wi-Fi (D) lamp is flashing quickly and the ON lamp is solid.

Why is my Canon wireless printer not responding?

Printer is not responding

The computer and access point (or wireless router) have lost connection. Restart the computer and then attempt to print again. The access point (or wireless router) and wireless printer may not be communicating. Power off and back on the access point and printer to restore communication.

How do I reset my Canon mg3600 wireless printer?

Why is my Canon Mg3600 printer not printing?

Check2 Make sure machine is properly connected to computer. If you are using a USB cable, make sure it is securely connected to both the machine and the computer. There could also be a problem with the USB cable. Replace the USB cable and retry the printing.

Why is my Canon Mg3600 printer not responding?

One of the most common issues is that the desktop and router lost the connection. The router and printer are unable to communicate. Some sort of firewall protection may be blocking the necessary ports to communicate. Reconfigure all the firewall with the port and resolve Canon Mg3600 Printer Not Responding errors.

How do I reconnect my Canon printer to WIFI?

Start wireless setup
  1. Option 1: Send the router information directly to the printer from a mobile device.
  2. Option 2: Use the Canon PRINT Inkjet / SELPHY app for Android and iOS® devices.
  3. Option 3: Use the WPS Push Button method.
  4. Option 4: Enter a WPS PIN code to connect a device.

How do I reconnect my Canon printer?

Connecting Device to Printer
  1. Turn on wireless communication on your computer or smartphone. For Android or iOS, enable “Wi-Fi” on your device’s “Setting” menu.
  2. Select “XXXXXX-iP110series” (“XXXXXX” represents last six digits of printer‘s MAC address.) from SSID list displayed on device.
  3. Enter password.

Where is the WiFi button on my Canon printer?

Why won’t my Canon printer connect to my computer?

Common reasons and how to fix them

Make sure the printer is turned on. Check that the device you are printing from is connected to the same wireless network as the printer. Your wireless router may have lost connection with the printer. Sometimes the printer driver on the computer is configured to a different port.

What is a WPS button on a Canon printer?

If your Wireless access point or router supports WPS, you can easily connect your Canon wireless printer to your home network. Wi-Fi Protected Setup® or WPS is a method that allows you to easily connect network devices to a secure wireless network. In some cases, a WPS button is labeled.

Where is WPS button on Canon Pixma printer?

The WPS button is not on the printer. This button would be located on your router itself. If your router does not have a clearly marked ‘WPSbutton, please use the CD with your computer to perform the standard wireless installation.