How do I reset my MikroTik RouterBOARD 2011?

Re: How to reset RB2011-2Hnd-IN?
  1. Download latest RouterOS v6 build and Netinstall:
  2. leave Netinstall running in background.
  3. connect etherboot cable to ether1, hold down reset button.
  4. power on the unit, release reset button after ~10s.
  5. check if you can see unit in Netinstall window.

How do I reset my MikroTik hex Poe?

How to reset configuration
  1. unplug the device from power.
  2. press and hold the button right after applying power. Note: hold the button until LED will start flashing.
  3. release the button to clear configuration.

How do I reset my Haplite?

Re: Not able to reset configuration via reset button: hAP lite
  1. unplug the USB cable to power off.
  2. hold the RES button with a pen.
  3. plug power (keep holding button)
  4. when ACT LED starts flashing, release button.
  5. wait some 15-20 seconds and ACT LED will flash twice, it means process is finished.

How do I reset my CCR?

1: MikroTik CCR Hard Reset
  1. Power on MikroTik CCR.
  2. Press the Reset button on the front side.
  3. Router will make a beep sound, release the button and wait until CCR reboot and comes in factory reset mode.