Is it aweful or awful?

What is the difference between awful and aweful (full of awe)? There is no such word as “aweful.” … The word, awful, is not superficial; nor is the word, awesome, which has been utterly stripped of its original meaning.

How do you spell awful in English?

adjective. extremely bad; unpleasant; ugly: awful paintings; an awful job. inspiring fear; dreadful; terrible: an awful noise.

What is the meaning of awful?

awful adjective (BAD) A2. extremely bad or unpleasant: He suffered awful injuries in the crash. We had awful weather.

Did awful used to mean good?

Awful” appeared around the same time as “awe,” and originally meant “inspiring great awe,” i.e., causing profound dread or great fear. But “wonderful,” which appeared in the 12th century, didn’t develop this questioning sense, and has meant basically “inspiring wonder” (or simply “really good”) since that time.

Can awful mean good?

Senior Member. “Awful” by itself means “very bad“. Unfortunately, “awfully” is generally taken to be synonymous with “extremely”, irrespective of whether it is qualifying an adjective that has positive or negative connotations. There is a common expression “awfully good“, which meansexcellent“.

Why do we say awful?

Originally, awful had the meaning of being awe-inspiring (including positive connotations), as well as “worthy of, or commanding, profound respect or reverential fear.” It was not a far stretch to then use it also to mean “Causing dread; terrible, dreadful, appalling.” The earliest records of these uses date back to at

Is poor worse than bad?

In this context, poor does mean ‘poor‘ as usual. It is not intended to mean ‘worse than bad‘ at all. Sometimes, for statistical or other reasons, certain heads need to be placed separately at the bottom of the list, and that’s what is happening here.

What can I say instead of good?

You can call it excellent, fine, enjoyable, and splendid. But that’s not all—you might call it awesome, great, admirable, and pleasing. If you’re talking about high-quality food and drink, however, you might use fine and excellent instead of good, but you could also say it’s choice, superior, or even exquisite.

What can I say instead of so good?

other words for very good
  • brilliant.
  • fantastic.
  • heroic.
  • impressive.
  • outstanding.
  • remarkable.
  • sublime.
  • superlative.

How do you say good with words?

  1. articulate,
  2. eloquent,
  3. fluent,
  4. silver-tongued.

How do you say sounds good formally?

Sounds great” is perfectly acceptable business informal, Don’t worry about it.
  1. acknowledgement of his meeting: “Sounds great” looks OK;
  2. provide relevant information requested: in this case, the skype ID;
  3. formal salutation: “Best,” is enough.

Is amazing better than excellent?

As adjectives the difference between excellent and amazing

is that excellent is of the highest quality; splendid while amazing is causing wonder and amazement; possessing uniquely wonderful qualities.

Is brilliant or excellent better?

The difference between Brilliant and Excellent. When used as adjectives, brilliant means shining brightly, whereas excellent means of the highest quality.

Is fantastic better than great?

As adjectives the difference between great and fantastic

is that great is very big, large scale while fantastic is existing in or constructed from fantasy; of or relating to fantasy; fanciful.

Is marvelous or wonderful better?

The difference between Marvelous and Wonderful

When used as adjectives, marvelous means exciting wonder or surprise, whereas wonderful means tending to excite wonder. Wonderful is also adverb with the meaning: exceedingly, to a great extent. Exciting wonder or surprise; astonishing; wonderful.