How do you spell confetti in English?

What confetti means?

Confetti are small pieces or streamers of paper, mylar, or metallic material which are usually thrown at celebrations, especially parades and weddings. The origins are from the Latin confectum, with confetti the plural of Italian confetto, small sweet.

What is the name of a single piece of confetti?

confetto (plural confetti) (rare) A single piece of confetti; singular of confetti.

Is the word confetti plural?

confetti Add to list Share. Confetti is the plural form of the Italian confetto, “sweetmeat,” and the tradition began with small candies thrown during Italian parades and celebrations.

What is another name for confetti?

What is another word for confetti?
bonbon chew
lozenge pastille
sweet treat drop
comfit sugarplum
sugar-plum sweetmeats

What is the Tagalog of confetti?

English to Tagalog
English Tagalog
confetti kumpitis;