How do you correctly spell fortune?

Correct spelling for the English word “fortune” is [fˈɔːt͡ʃuːn], [fˈɔːt‍ʃuːn], [f_ˈɔː_tʃ_uː_n] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

Does Fortune Telling have a hyphen?

Again, the author says “fortuneteller” and “fortunetellingdo not have hyphens. Websters says they do. Hence, “fortuneteller” and “fortunetelling“.

Why is Fortune capitalized?

Fortune, or Fortuna, was a goddess. Fortune, noticeably, is capitalized. This makes it a proper noun, a name perhaps. Shakespeare, on the other hand, could be trying to show the reader that fortune is something important, something that has power and meaning.

What is an example of a fortune?

The definition of fortune is wealth, good luck or what is going to happen. An example of fortune is what someone had after inheriting millions of dollars. An example of fortune is the luck of having oil discovered on an otherwise useless piece of your land. An example of fortune is your destiny.

What does fortune do on an AXE?

Using the axe, enchanted with Fortune, on leaves will increase the odds of getting more saplings & sticks. Its use on all kinds of vines also increases the odds of getting a higher drop rate. Fortune III, the highest level of Fortune, guarantees a 100% chance of receiving a drop when used on the axe.

What type of word is fortune?

noun. position in life as determined by wealth: to make one’s fortune. wealth or riches: to lose a small fortune in bad investments. great wealth; ample stock of money, property, and the like: to be worth a fortune.