How do I write my name in Chinese?

In Chinese, when you want to know someone’s name, you can say “Nǐ jiào shénme míngzi?” It means “what’s your name?” In this sentence, “jiào” is a verb, which means ‘be called”. “Shénme” means “what”. “Míngzi” means “name”.

How do you say James in different languages?

James: Giacomo (Italian), Jaime (Portuguese, Spanish), Séamus (Gaelic). John: Johan (Czech), Jean (French), Johann or Johannes (German, Scandinavian), Ioannes (Greek), János (Hungarian), Giovanni (Italian), Ivan (Polish, Russian), Ioan (Rumanian), Eòin (Scottish), Juan (Spanish), Giovanni or Gianni (Italian).

What does James name mean?

James is a classic, traditional and Biblical name (Saint James, of course, was one of Jesus’ 12 apostles) meaning “supplanter” or “replacer.” It’s derived from the Latin Jacomus which also means “may God protect.”

What is the Chinese name for Jacob?

雅各布 is the name Jacob in Chinese (Mandarin).

How do you pronounce Jacob in Japanese?

That is the name Jacob (when pronounced jay-kawb) in Japanese katakana is ジェイコブ with the romaji jeikobu.

How do you pronounce the name Jacob in French?

What is Jack in French?

Jack in French is Jacques.

Is Jacob a French name?

FrenchJacob, Jacques, Jayme, Jaume, Jacqueline (fem.)

How do you spell Jake in French?

Jacques as given name

(See Jacob.) James is derived from Iacomus, a variant of Iacobus. As a first name, Jacques is often phonetically converted to English as Jacob, Jake (from Jacob), or Jack.