Can you build your own happy planner?

The Happy Planner® makes it easy to customize your planner so it’s perfect for YOU. Wondering how to get started? You’re in the right place! Click on the short videos below and let Stephanie show you the basics.

How many pages are in a happy planner?

The Happy Planner Weekly Schedule Classic Filler Paper – Journaling & Planner Accessories – Minimalist Theme – Weekly Schedule & Graph Paper – 24 Sheets.

Is the happy planner worth it?

I think the Happy Planner is a really good planner and product, and it is the perfect fit for me right now. I definitely recommend giving it a try — it could very likely be a perfect fit for you, too! As always, it’s important to experiment to see what you like in a planner.

What are the different happy planner layouts?

What Sizes do Happy Planners Come In?
  • The classic Happy Planner covers are 7.75” x 9.75” and the pages are 7” x 9.25”
  • The Mini Happy Planner covers are 5.125” x 7.5” and the pages are 4.5” x 7”
  • The Big Happy Planner covers are 9” x 11.25” and the pages are 8.5” x 11”

What size is big happy planner?

Once July hit – Jen decided to transition her memory keeping into the new 8.5 x 11 inch BIG ‘Stay Golden’ Happy Planner™.

What’s the biggest happy planner?

Okay, so next up is the classic size planner, which is the most popular Happy Planner. There are so many designs and layouts for this size, and it is pretty common across a lot of the different planners available, including the Erin Condren Life Planner.

Does Walmart sell Happy planners?

The Happy –

Can you refill a happy planner?

Does The Happy Planner have refills? Yes! Classic Extension Pack – The classic 6 month undated extension packs are great all-around refill pages for your Happy Planner.

How do I resize a printable planner?

There are THOUSANDS of options.
  1. Use Non-Standard paper. Your first option when you want to resize printables is to use non-standard paper, such as A4 or A5.
  2. Use regular paper, select custom size, and cut off extra.
  3. use regular paper, select percentage, and cut off excess.

How do I resize a printable on Happy planner?

How do I print directly on Happy planner pages?

What size should I print for happy planner?

It’s suuuper simple y’all… for a classic sized Happy Planner just put 82% in the scale box. That’s the magic number to resize a normal paper sheet printable to fit the classic happy planner. If you want to be precise and measure the page so that they line up exactly, the happy planner pages are 7 x 9.25 inches.

Whats the best size for a planner?

Medium – 7 x 9
  • Good amount of writing space without being too big and bulky.
  • Plenty of options and layouts to choose from as this is the most common size planners come in.

Are Erin Condren and happy planner the same size?

Flag checklist stickers are a similar size – the boxes of the Happy planner are 2.25″ high whereas the Erin Condren is 1.9″ high so there’s a little bit of white space underneath – not very noticeable.

What size should I make Printables?

Design your printable.

If you’re designing a planner, you may want to make a variety of sizes to fit the most common planners such as A-5 (5.8” X 8.3”), classic (5.5” X 8.5”), personal (4.25” X 6.75”).

What kind of Printables sell the best?

Etsy has become well known as the handmade marketplace. But it has also become a popular place for all kinds of printables. You can sell these printables as passive income products.

Art And Decor Printables

  • Inspirational Wall Quotes.
  • Bible Verses.
  • Funny Quotes.
  • Nursery Artwork.
  • Bathroom Artwork.
  • Laundry Room Art.
  • Kitchen Art.

How much money can you make selling Printables?

By listing a printable in your Etsy shop, you‘re essentially setting up a recurring revenue stream. The same seller who earned the $10,000 in her first 9 months is now earning $2,000 to $3,000 per month in nearly passive income.

Can you really make money with Printables?

Yes. You can absolutely make money selling printables on Etsy. I’ve made over $1,300 passively from the digital products that I sell in my shop, which include printables. The key to making money selling printables is creating a product that people actually want and will use.

Are Printables profitable?

Printables, or downloadable planners, journals, stickers, and art prints are among the most lucrative and popular digital products to sell. As someone looking to generate some passive income or scratch a creative itch, printables can provide a low-overhead and high-profit way to earn more money.