Are micro-schools legal?

Neighborhood schools form small schools — These microschools are sometimes legally considered private or charter schools. Parents share the teaching among themselves — Parents individually register as homeschoolers with the state but gather to share teaching responsibilities and curriculum costs.

Can I create my own school?

Most private schools incorporate and apply for tax-exempt status. You’ll need to officially create the for-profit private school as a business and register the school with your state at least 1 year before opening its doors to students. File the appropriate paperwork with your Secretary of the State and the IRS.

How does a micro school work?

Micro-schooling is essentially the reinvention of the one-room schoolhouse, where class size is smaller (anywhere from 4-15 students) and there are mixed-age groupings. By nature of their size, microschools can offer a lot more variety for families, both in schedule and in curriculum and instruction.

What is Prenda Micro school?

Prenda provides an environment where children are empowered to be their best, most successful learner and gives adults the tools and structure to support them.

How much do Prenda Guides get paid?

Prenda Microschool Guide

Pay ranges between $15-$30 per hour, and is dependent on the grade level and number of learners in your microschool. Guiding is an in-person, paid, part-time job requiring either 16 hours per week …

Does Prenda cost money?

Micro-schools are typically a fraction of the cost of a private school and educate no more than 10 to 15 students at a time. Prenda, for example, caps enrollment at about 10 students per classroom with one teacher, or “guide” as they call them, and costs $5,000 per child per year.

Do Prenda teachers get paid?

Prenda gets paid $4,000/pupil of state education funds to pay their “guides” (max $26,000/year) and pocket the rest.

How is Prenda funded?

In its partnership with Prenda, EdKey takes about $3,000 of the state funding for each Prenda student and Prenda receives the remaining share per-student funding, according to contracts and interviews with Smith and Plitzuweit.

What is Prenda learning?

Prenda means “gift” in Portuguese and is similar to the Spanish word “aprender,” which means “to learn”. When we allow students to own their education, and connect them with quality learning tools, caring adults, and a community, their natural love of learning takes over and they become unstoppable.

Does Prenda provide computers?

Prenda provides laptop computers for each student at the beginning of the school year or at the time of enrollment. Parents and students must sign this Technology Agreement before students are able to use the provided devices.

Who started Prenda school?

How did Prenda start? In 2013, Prenda founder Kelly Smith started volunteering at the public library teaching kids computer programming. Watching the kids come to code club each week and work hard to build cool projects, he realized that 1) learning is a choice, and 2) teaching is impossible.

Where can I find Prenda Microschools?

Contact Us. Still having trouble finding a microschool, reach out to our Parent Team at, or call (844) 477-3632.