Can you root an African violet leaf in water?

African violet leaf cuttings should root well in plain water. If the water could potentially contain bacteria, boil the water and allow it to cool to eliminate unwanted microorganisms.

How do you propagate violets in water?

Gently stick the African violet leaf stem through the plastic so that the end of the stem is submerged in water and the leaf is upright. 4. Sticking the leaf stem into the water should be done soon after pinching it from the plant. If there is more than a minute in between, recut the stem before placing in the water.

Can you touch African violet leaves?

There’s no doubt that African violet plants are beautiful. In looking at and caring for them, it’s tempting to touch the fuzzy leaves and colorful flowers. While most plants can take this attention with no adverse results, African violets seem to be sensitive to the touch.

How do you propagate African violets from blossoms?

African violets: Propagation by Blossom stems
  1. Remove open blooms from plant, leaving only peduncles.
  2. Remove buds and pedicels above leaflets.
  3. Cut blossom stem below leaflets.
  4. The cut blossom stems ready to root.
  5. Rooting the blossom stems.
  6. Wait for the plantlets to appear!
  7. Separate and pot the plantlets.