How do you start over with someone you love?

So, here’s how to start over in a relationship by taking these emotional steps.
  1. Identify what you value about the relationship.
  2. Get support for the relationship.
  3. Take steps to make sure the behavior that hurt you won’t repeat.
  4. Make clear promises to yourself.

What does it mean to start over in a relationship?

Starting over means that you want to make a fresh start and leave all the negative things behind. The question is- how to start over a relationship. Before you start to make amends, look back on your experiences and identify what you value about the relationship.

Is it possible to restart a relationship?

You want to start the relationship over; leaving the baggage associated with arguments and resentment behind. Believe it or not, this is actually possible. The action of restarting a relationship with the same person is a concept and action plan I have personally developed, called “the reset button”.