What are the controls for Planet coaster?

Planet Coaster Controls Guide
  • W, A, S, D, Arrow Keys, or Right-Click and Drag – Pan the camera.
  • Q, E – Rotate the camera left or right.
  • Middle-Mouse-Button and Drag – Rotate the camera.
  • Scroll Wheel or Page In, Page Out – Zoom in or zoom out.
  • T – Switch Freelook Camera on or off.
  • Shift – Accelerate Freelook Camera.

How do I get good at Planet coaster?

How do you make coaster planet coasters?

How do you make money on planet coaster?

Making money on Planet Coaster by milking your guests of every cent they have is great, but they will eventually run out money. Not a problem, make sure to space ATM machines around the park and your guests will be able to get some more money out to spend on your incredibly overly priced attractions and shops.