Young dogs tend to pee when they get too excited. This is normal, but some might have underlying medical conditions that you don’t know. The best thing you can do is to bring your pet to a veterinary clinic to check.

If your vet cannot find any health problems with your dog, maybe this guide on how to stop a dog from peeing when excited will help you solve the issue.

Reasons why dogs pee when excited

Excitement peeing usually occurs to smaller dogs under one year of age, but they can outgrow it. You need to be patient to help them lose that habit. Dogs with this condition are the ones that pee while playing, when they see unfamiliar people or places, or when you come home.

Other potential reasons for excitement urination are marking behavior, medical conditions like urinary bladder dysfunction, incomplete house training, separation anxiety, etc.

How to know if your dog is having excitement urination?

It happens all of a sudden without any signs. You will notice your dog wagging its tail and sometimes jumping around with excitement. Then suddenly, you will see it pee on the ground or while it is moving.

Health problems that may result in urination

Before you try to change your dog’s behavior, ensure that the vet has checked your pet to rule out any health concerns. Testing your pet’s urine will show if it has a problem with his urinary tract, which can be remedied by taking antibiotics.

Other tests like x-rays will show if your puppy has cystitis or bladder stones, a condition where there is inflammation in the bladder. The vet will also examine any signs that your pet has diabetes or has kidney disease. These two conditions can result in excessive urination.

Tips on preventing a dog from peeing when excited

Patience is the key to help your dog stop peeing when it gets excited. It will take some time before you will see improvements in your dog’s behavior. You need to be consistent in your methods, and you should not give up. Remember, your dog’s excitability might lead to something serious, so you need to do something about it. Below are some tips to help you in dealing with your dog’s excitement urination.

  1. Avoid encouraging excited behavior

Your pet dogs can get excited every time they see you coming. Avoid paying attention to your excited dog. Sometimes they misinterpret the connection between being excited and getting rewarded. If your dog starts acting up, try to ignore it. Do not pat or stroke, no eye contact or talking. Act as if you don’t see your dog. If your pet tries to jump on you, push it away, and simply ignore his action.

  1. Reward your dog when in calm behavior

When your dog is in calm behavior, reward your pet. Show some affection and praise your dog for behaving and calm. In general, it is the opposite of the first tip we have mentioned above. By ignoring excited behavior and rewarding a calm demeanor, your dog will understand that the calmer they are, the better.

  1. Tire your dog out

Keeping your dog calm is much easier if it doesn’t have enough energy to become excited. So, let your dog exercise until it is tired enough to move around when it gets excited. Let your dog run in the backyard and do its things around. Your pet needs long walks to reduce its excess energy.

  1. Do not scold

If there is an accident, do not scold your pet or punish. Just clean the area and leave. Make sure to remove the stain well. You can use an enzymatic cleaner, so your dog will not smell the urine’s scent and think it is the right place to pee.

  1. Provide outlets

Keep your pet’s mind occupied with play. It will help in reducing its energy level. Games like hide and seek of treats, running into an obstacle course, or playing fetch are the best ways to stimulate your dog’s mind and use up his energy. But there are always limitations. If your pets become overly excited again, stop playing. It is the best way to let your dog understand that playtime is over once it gets too excited.

  1. Always keep calm

Most of the time, your dog will not get calm if you are not. So, think of ways to correct your dog’s behavior without scolding or shouting at your pet. Can you keep your dog calm but just saying no, or are you always yelling at your dog again and again?

If you find yourself always at a high voice when making your dog calm, you are not helping it to calm down, but you are exacerbating your dog’s excitement. You are only allowed to shout at your dog when it is an emergency, like it is about to run into the traffic.

  1. Reduce water intake

Reduce your pet’s water intake at a specific time of the day so you can schedule potty and plan accordingly. Train your dog where to urinate and where not to do it. You can teach your pet without shouting or scolding it.

  1. Consider using safe and effective calming products

Ask for your vet first if it is safe to give your pet some calming products and recommend a safe and effective brand. These products are usually available as a plug-in, spray, or collar.

  1. Do not forget to give reward

If your dog pees while on walks, do not forget to reward or praise its good behavior, so your pet will keep this in mind. Also, every time your pet pee on the designated areas, give your dog kind words, and of course, do not forget the reward. These things will help your dog’s break their habit of peeing anywhere they want to and when they are excited. This will also help you develop a calmer and more confident dog.

  1. Seek professional behavior training

If you have done everything and still your dog continues its habit of peeing anywhere they want, you need to let the professional pet behavior specialist help you. Hiring a professional can help you solve your problem, but you need to pay the fees. Since they have studied dogs and are more experienced in dealing with this animal, they might see patterns in your pet behaviors that you have left out.