Sweaty bum. Butt sweat. Swamp break. Whatever you call it, it’s something that takes place to the best of us. First, understand that everyone sweats and some folks even experience sweat more butt sweat than others.

And what causes butt sweat? A hot summer’s day, stress, and an intense workout can make your butt sweat excessively, making you feel like you’ve been sitting on a swamp.

However, sweat is not only uncomfortable. Stuck sweat between your butts may cause an accumulation of germs and bacteria, leading your risk of causing rashes and infections.

But, there are plenty of things to do if you want to make your backside free from sweat. Follow the tips below:

  1. Trim Your Pubic Hair

Pubic hairs are essential in keeping your body warm making you sweat excessively!

Therefore, if you have a grown jungle on your butt, you will give all those bacteria and sweat to take center stage on your underwear. But the solution for butt sweat isn’t waxing or shaving— that will result in more problems. Instead, frequently use a hair trimmer to clear neither regions that provide a less hiding room for all sweat your produce.

  1. Don’t Sit for Long

Stand up and walk around regularly and get some little breeze down there. This can be as easy as going to the coffee, moving to the bathroom, or only moving around the block. Just do a little something! And be sure you are regularly doing it like in a one-hour interval. Furthermore, walking does not only get rid of butt sweat but also makes a person more creative.

  1. Wear Moisture-Wicking or Breathable Underwear

When you sweat excessively, you must understand how to select the best fabric for your underwear and clothes. The best choice of underwear helps in reducing butt sweat by maintaining your skin fresh.

Natural fibers and breathable underwear— like cotton— help in absorbing moisture giving plenty room for more airflow compared to rayon or polyester. On the other side, cotton can’t disperses moisture but absorbs it, and due to this, it only gets damp making it take too much time to dry.

Alternatively, you can also try using moisture-wicking fabrics such as those used in athletics. Generally, they have a blend of synthetic fibers that assists in pushing water to the external shell of the underwear.

Furthermore, they can eliminate moisture from your skin and channel it to the surface of the fabric to evaporate. These fabrics dry faster compared to cotton. Be sure to buy white or black underwear. Don’t go for colored options as they can display sweat marks.

  1. Carry an Extra Pair of Underwear

When you go out for exercise or gym, you know that you’ll sweat excessively more than usual. Therefore, plan and remember to carry extra underwear on your bag

Perhaps you’ll get afraid when your extra underwear falls in the middle of a crowd out of your bag anytime you pull out something. Just store the clothing in a tiny zip bag or unique zip bags that no one can see what you are carrying inside. Ensure that the bag keeps smell/leaks.

  1. Avoid Excess Acidic and Spicy Foods

This tip is a no-brainer, and it’s evident that spicy foods such as peppers make people sweat a lot. So make sure you get rid of spices. Most spices hide in pizza condiments, broth, Thai or Indian curry, and other foods. So you must be careful!

You must pay attention to acidic foods and fruits such as lemon or vinegar and apples. Ingredients like onions or garlic won’t make you sweat too much but will make you produce badly smell the sweat. Therefore, if you always sweat excessively, you must be mindful of how frequently you eat them.

  1. Wear Loose Clothes

Apart from the moist and uncomfortable feeling on your underwear, the most annoying and embarrassing part of the swass is the sweat track that forms on your butts, making you wonder so much whether your friends noticed the festering pond on your clothing.

Putting on tight clothes amplifies this scenario because they retain all the moisture inside. But the solution is wearing baggy clothing or loose-fitting during the summer to provide you an excellent chance of airing your regions.

You can consider putting on your dark-colored jeans to properly hide those boring sweat stains. Loose-fitting pants and comfortable underwear can also reduce the dreaded chub rub.

  1. Reduce on the Caffeine Consumption

Caffeine is a great jump-starter during the morning ritual. Furthermore, it stimulates the central nervous system and dramatically activates the sweat glands. Therefore, if you are a member of the excessive sweat club, taking too many stimulants can make you sweat excessively.

  1. Powder Your Jewels Properly

Medicated body powders are designed to prevent excess heat, friction, and the development of bacteria and fungi. Others also have menthol making them act as a cooling effect and calamine to prevent itching.

Once you finish drying your body from the morning shower, the right activity to do to begin your day right is providing your regions with a nice dusting using a powder. Baby powder has worked great for infants’ tushies for so long and can work on your butts too. A simple dusting of powder works great on your cheeks and helps in reducing friction as well as absorbing too much moisture.

  1. Use Wipes and Take Frequent Bathroom Breaks

If you get uncomfortable and too sweaty, make sure you take frequent bathroom breaks. This will help your butt in freshening up. After that, make sure you clean up using the cleansing clothes or wipes then tap your regions dry.

  1. For Women: Use Panty Liners to Trap Some Sweat

If you are a lady, make sure you use panty liners. But it’s not advisable to use them daily but only during hot summer or when going out. Make sure you look for organic panty liners as they don’t get torn with the sweat and are super soft.

  1. Dress in Black Outfits

When you are sure that you’ll sweat, no matter what, ensure you hide the sweat lining. Dressing on black clothing will hide the sweat, and it shouldn’t be boring. You can put on a colorful bag and accessories.

If black isn’t your option, you can choose patterned clothes as they also help in hiding the sweat marks.

There are numerous ways to stop sweat butt, and if you always experience butt sweat throughout despite all the efforts to stop it, then plan to visit your doctor. Meanwhile, follow these tips to be on the safe and make sure you receive some breeze down there!