There’s always a reason why green beans can’t miss on nearly every holiday table. Green beans are super versatile, high in vital nutrients, and taste nice inside a sautéed veggie or casserole alongside fish or meat.

However, green beans can easily spoil if you don’t store them properly. But provided you take the correct measurements needed to keep the green beans fresh, you can retain their taste and keep them for long without spoilage.

Here’s what to do if you want to extend the fresh beans shelf-life year-round.

  1. Use a Refrigerator

Firstly, never make a mistake at the grocery shop buying green beans that are almost rotting. Make sure you buy green beans with a vibrant fresh green color with a smooth feel and are free from bruises or brown spots. The beans must produce a ‘snap’ sound when you break them and a firm texture when touched.

Immediately you bring them home, don’t wash them before keeping them inside the refrigerator as the moisture can encourage the growth of molds. Just clean them with your hands, then cover them using a paper towel.

After that, lay them flat on a resealable bag, then store the beans unwashed inside the refrigerator crisper and store them for up to 7 days. Be sure to wash them next time you want to use them.

  1. Use a Freezer

Among the best ways to store fresh green beans for an extended duration is keeping them in a freezer. Here, they can stay for eight to ten months. Here is a guide on how to freeze the green beans by blanching them to make them crunchy.

Things needed

  • Baking sheet
  • Freezer bag
  • Large bowl
  • Ice
  • Coldwater
  • Large pot

Start by placing a pot containing hot water on a stovetop, then allow it to boil. Place the beans inside the hot water, then blanch them for five minutes, depending on the size of the beans. After that, remove the beans, place them on a bowl containing ice water, then cool them.

After that, place the beans on a layer with a baking sheet, then allow them to freeze for some hours. Later on, slide the frozen beans inside a freezer to get rid of freezer burns the keep them inside the freezer for up to eight months.

Additionally, using a freezer is a great way to store green peppers and other produce. It’s fast and easy as it gives the fresh veggies you want by opening the freezer.

  1. Can the Green Beans

Canned beans are versatile and delicious, and you can include them in a casserole or salad or serve them as a side dish. Here’s how to can them

  • Begin by washing, then heat the jars scald the lids.
  • After that, snap off their tops and stems (fresh beans can be snapped easily). There’s no harm with leaving the pointed part of the beans if you want. Also, most hybrid fresh green beans are string less, but make sure you remove the strings.
  • Now pack the cut beans on the jars. Prepare to can only enough beans for a single canner load. Fill the jars with the fresh beans, then shake the jars to pack the beans fairly tight. You can add salt on top, but the choice is yours. Then cover the beans with broth or hot water and leave a 1-inch headspace.
  • Having done that, run a thin spatula utensil inside the jars to drive out air, then gently press on the beans to release any trapped air inside.
  • Next, use a lint-free, damp, and a clean cloth to wipe the sealing edge of the jars, then place flat lids on top of the jars.
  • Now place the jars inside a rack on the pressure canner. Then adjust the water level on the canner, then follow the manufacturer’s instructions then lock the lid.
  • At this point, adjust the heat level, then allow the water to boil. After boiling for some minutes, turn off the heat, then unlock and remove the canner lid.
  • Relax for ten minutes before you lift the hot jars from the canners, then transfer them to a clean rack or towel. Allow the jars to cool for up to 24 hours.
  • Remove then store the bands as you have a closer look at the lids for a seal. Wipe them, then label the jars as you keep them in a cool place.
  1. Using a Dehydrator

A freezer and a fridge are great ways to store green beans for a long time, although a food dehydrator is an excellent gadget for storing the green beans easily.