How do you store a lot of grocery bags?

5 Ingenious Ways to Store Your Grocery Bags Between Trips
  1. Ball ’em up. Storing your bags in a jumbled mess will simply become, well, a jumbled mess.
  2. Repurpose a tissue box.
  3. Buy a special basket.
  4. Try a no-sew project.
  5. Reuse a wipe container.

How do you store grocery bags neatly?

How do you store plastic grocery bags?

With the top bag, fold the handles up — to make a 90-degree angle. Then, start rolling half of the folded bag. Place another folded bag — with the handles overlapping the bottom of the first (halfway folded) bag. Continue rolling and merging the plastic shopping bags together this way.

How do you fold plastic grocery bags to save space?

How do you fold and store plastic shopping bags?

How do you fold a bag for storage?

How do you fold a bag for life for storage?