Initiating a conversation with a guy is somewhat awkward given that most people these days are glued to their phones. What makes it even harder to approach a guy for a conversation is the ideal subject to take up with him. Even so, there are tricks and ways that you can use that will make striking up a conversation a lot easier.

But before approaching the guy you are interested in, remember to lower your expectations. Even if you are infatuated with this guy and wanted to create a good impression, it is always a good idea to not expect a lot from it. The less you expect, the less likely you will get hurt.

  • Think of a topic. There are plenty of topics that you can think of to begin a conversation. It could be a compliment like, “Hi, I like your shirt” or a comment about the weather or what’s going around. Or it could also be a question like, “Hello, how are you today?” It is better to approach him when he is not busy, when he is by himself or he’s not attending something on his phone.
  • Avoid controversial topics. Stay away from topics that will make both of you to be uncomfortable. Refrain from saying negative comments about his friends.
  • Be yourself. The guy you are infatuated with will not be impressed if you pretend to be someone else. Do not claim to be a basketball, football, or baseball fan just to make an impression. It would not hurt to claim and express your own interests and hobbies. Show your true self instead as it is a good start if this will lead to something serious. False expectations will only ruin the time and effort you have invested to get to know the person you like.
  • Be nice and polite. This still relates to being yourself. Be genuinely nice because first impressions last.
  • Show your smile more often. Also, giggle at his jokes for him to know that you are paying attention. Of course, a smile brings sparkle in your eyes and it makes you even more attractive and irresistible.
  • Keep it simple and casual. Once already in a conversation with the guy that you like, simply ask follow up questions to keep it going. But do not overdo it. Wait for him to answer first before asking other questions. Although it is understandable that you want to get to know him more, this might annoy him.
  • Observe his reaction. Pay attention to his reaction- is he impressed or annoyed? After you have exhausted all the topics you can think of, you can simply wrap up the conversation by saying, “I should go ahead. Thank you for your time. See you around.”

If you see signs that he is not interested to engage in conversation or in you, be polite still and just excuse yourself. Rejection is not yet the end of the world. Just find comfort in knowing that you took the challenge and tried your best. However, if he seems interested but just too shy to engage with you, simply keep on with the conversation until he becomes comfortable around you.