To become the best baseball player, newbies are supposed to learn how to throw the ball the right way. It’s crucial for the game so the catcher can have a leverage to catch the ball. Players who can’t throw properly surely mess up the game completely.

To be the perfect player for the team, one has to learn the basics of throwing a baseball by following this step by step guide.

Throwing a Baseball the Right Way

Step 1 Knowing how to grip the baseball correctly

  • First, you need to get familiarized with the ball. Notice how there are seams on the ball. Have you fingers wrap around the seams to have a better grip of the ball. It creates a sturdier and well balanced grip to avoid the ball from slipping.
  • Your fingers should be touching all the 4 seams of the ball. The reason for this is to keep enough air for a long time so that the ball will be thrown more straight up in the air.
  • Don’t let the ball rest on the palm of your hands when gripping it. It should only be your fingers gripping the ball. It might be weird during the first try but with more practice, you will get used to this type of handling. When resting the ball on the palm of your hand, it decreases the speed and preciseness of the throw. But with the fingers, you’ll have faster speed and sharper throws.
  • Practice throwing with this type of grip or just let yourself take time to get used with this grip. Once you get comfortable, proceed to the next step.

Step 2 Learn how to position your wrist

  • When you are positioned for throwing, it’s important to note the position of your wrist. The wrist has to be leaned back while the fingers are gripping the ball. Leaning back your wrist will provide more leverage when setting the tone of your throwing motion.
  • Compare the speed and preciseness with your throw when leaning your wrist to the back versus having a stiffer wrist. Some players are actually comfortable, throwing with a straighter wrist. However, the recommended position is by leaning your wrist to the back. Choose your preferred style and compare which throw makes you throw faster and straighter.
  • Look online for a set of throwing drills that you can follow to practice with. This way, you’ll get more used to throwing the ball on the right motion.

Step 3 Positioning the arm upon throwing

  • Position the ball on your hip bone. This is the starting point to do the arm motion when throwing the ball.
  • Then, sway the ball backwards going overhead. Stretch your arms as long as possible exerting a full strong motion.
  • As your arms sway before it passes your head, prepare your full strength to throw the ball in a good direction.
  • The style of doing this throw is pretty much like making a circle. You can practice your positioning in front of the mirror then perfect your throw on the field.

Step 4 Practice perfect posture

  • When you have the right posture, you throw the ball better. Make sure that your whole body is facing the target and stand a little bit straight, not too sturdy so your balance can be adjusted.
  • Your foot and hips should be close as well facing towards the target of the throw.
  • As you sway your arms, step forward your right or left arm (whichever you’re comfortable with) and the other foot should be supporting at the back to have a full force throw.
  • Again, do some drills to practice your throw beginning from Step 1-4.

Step 5 The ball has to rotate when thrown

Last but not the least is to observe the ball’s rotation when thrown. The ball has to do a full 12-6 rotation when thrown, considered as the standard rotation for the game. This will help the ball to travel in the right direction where the target is. This also makes the ball easier to catch by the other end.

To perfect your throw with the baseball, have a friend who’s an expert with the game and help you practice. As they say, constant practice makes you perfect.