Are you trying your luck for the ultimate craps betting? Truth be told, it’s an exciting game to get your adrenaline going and win big prizes that awaits every player.

However, a player must have a set of strategies to ensure the win for the game. To increase your odds on winning the chance, here are strategies that you can apply to win at craps.

Strategies in Winning Craps

  1. Practice controlling the dice

Most experts are going to say this, dice control takes a lot of hours of practice just to perfect that shooter skill and gain more points. When playing craps in person, you should know how to manipulate the frequencies of the dice and put it in your favor.

However, if you play craps online, the game changes because the dice is rolled via computer number generator so there is no opportunity for you to play via dice control.

  1. Improve your betting instead

Since online craps doesn’t let you take advantage with dice control, you can still have a higher chance of winning by choosing the best craps bets. The goal is to have bigger wins and do it as often as possible. You can call this to be aggressive in the game.

You need to plan a strong approach in the game to decide successfully how to use your passes and bets during the game. Remember, you can’t come or pass when you are still working or laying on the odds.

  1. Stay conservative with your initial wagers

Although you can go hard on betting, it’s still safe to keep your initial wagers lower to avoid bigger losses. Focus on improving your intended bets on the next rounds with your odds. Say for example, if your intended chance amount is too big and has the same amount with your pass but with no odds, you tend to lose more money.

Instead, keep your intended bets at a lower amount and be patient to increase your amount in odds. This way, you have a better chance of winning and losing money. Keep in mind that most of your bets during the game are paid through true odds which means if the shooter is making more points, you are winning more money.

  1. Get familiar with the house edge chart

The house edge chart will tell you and help you strategize on your moves in the game. It states the number of odds offered and its equivalent percentage rate of come or pass plus odds house edge. If you’re new to the game, you need to keep practicing your basic math skills.

This strategy needs good math as a basic skill, so you don’t get played and lose more money. Try analyzing the chart ahead before the game starts and budget how much you can only chance and lose.

  1. Don’t chance too much if you can’t afford it

True winners are the ones who know their true limits. Although the game takes you in a different realm because of the excitement and rewarding feeling that it brings, don’t forget that you need to be realistic as well. You can’t keep on betting a lot of money if you know you don’t have much for the game.

Instead of improving your odds of winning the game, you are instead making multiple loopholes for you to lose over and over again. Don’t force yourself to chance too high and save it for the next round to have a chance to win.

  1. Know when the best time to chance on bigger odds is

If you’re doing well in the game and winning often, you can go bold by increasing your bets on the odds. Working on more numbers during the game is fun and provides a better chance for winning. You can continue adding the numbers in the game but keep your house edge lower to keep you on the safe spot.

It’s simply amping your game up but still being in control to only chance on come and passes that you can only afford at the moment. This strategy will help you increase a better chance of winning and low possibility of losing money.

  1. Skip the risk by playing with small craps bankrolls

You might find this boring but this strategy works. You are only playing for one number and chance pass plus the odds. Furthermore, you are skipping the come bets. You might not feel that you’re really playing the game due to wider restrictions, but it decreases the risks while you’re playing.

Another thing you can do is to chance instead with the come and pass but do not do the odds. Your house edges will significantly improve and increase into a bigger percentage and gain more chances of winning.

I’m pretty sure on your next game you have a much renewed mindset to handle the game properly and win as much as you can. Just remember to play smart and be conservative with your bets.