What does Pluto in Libra mean?

The Pluto Libra generation is on a mission to save the world through beauty, as Dostoyevsky wrote. They do the commitment thing in powerfully re-imagined ways. Pluto Libras seek balance, but could fall into compulsive habits of avoiding anything that feels emotionally dirty or raw.

Which generation has Pluto in Libra?

Pluto in Libra is half of Generation X; the other half has Pluto in Virgo. Pluto entered Libra from October 5 1971 to April 17, 1972 and then from July 30, 1972 to November 5, 1983, and then finally from May 18, 1984 to August 28, 1984.

What does your Pluto sign mean?

Your Pluto sign stands for your zodiac sign’s growth or renewal, and where you will experience it. Depending on the house or sign placement, Pluto’s position indicates power, death, or some type of transformation.

When did Pluto enter Libra?

Get to know your Pluto sign, or which sign Pluto traversed on any date.
Pluto Ingresses close to 2020 (1970-2070):
Date Time (UTC) Event
July 30, 1972 11:37 AM Pluto enters Libra
November 5, 1983 9:07 PM Pluto enters Scorpio
May 18, 1984 2:36 PM Pluto (Retrograde) enters Libra

What sign is Pluto in 2020?

Perhaps unsurprisingly, 2020 is a big year in astrology. Largely due to the fact that Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto are all passing through the sign of Capricorn this year.

How many years is Pluto in a sign?

Because Pluto spends about 21 years in each sign (varying from12 to 31 years), the meanings do not have a distinct personal meaning (except through distinguishing groups of people from groups of people born in other Pluto signs.