Send Us Your Art

Are you a photographer or visual artist? We would love the chance to feature your work here on our site!

Above: A completely boring public domain image of a camera.

When we share original poetry, fiction, or essays, or when we’re making an announcement about a cool new program being offered at the library we call home, we often have to resort to searching for stock photography on the internet to illustrate those articles. We use cool images, but it feels awfully impersonal sometimes. We’d love to instead be able to use your photographs and art images instead, and give you some exposure in the process!

If you are interested in having us feature your photography or visual art, please send as many cool images as you like in jpeg format to fourthsycamore (at) gmail dot com. Understand that in emailing us these images you are implicitly granting us the right to use these images on our site to illustrate published writing material. These rights are non-exclusive – the images still totally belong to you and you can use them anywhere else you see fit. When you send us these images, please include the credit attribution as you want it to appear, and a link to your website or online gallery space if applicable.

We look forward to seeing what you send us, and having a more personal connection to the images we use here on Fourth & Sycamore!