How do I know if my cabinets are antique?

Look carefully at the bottom, sides, and back of the drawer; if the wood shows nicks or cuts, it was probably cut with a plane, a spokeshave, or a drawknife. Straight saw marks also indicate an old piece. If the wood shows circular or arc-shaped marks, it was cut by a circular saw, not in use until about 1860.

What is an old cupboard called?

A Hoosier cabinet (also known as a “Hoosier”) is a type of cupboard or free-standing kitchen cabinet that also serves as a workstation. It was popular in the first few decades of the 20th century in the United States, since most houses did not have built-in kitchen cabinetry.

What are tall cupboards called?

tallboy. noun. British a tall piece of bedroom furniture with several drawers.

Why do they call it a Hoosier cabinet?

So, what does the term have to do with the Hoosier cabinet? The cabinet got its name because most of them were made in Indiana. The first Hoosier cabinets appeared in 1898, created by a furniture company called Sellers, in New Castle, Indiana.

What is a possum belly cabinet?

There is of course the all important Hoosier cabinet. Next awesome piece is the Possum Belly (Bakers) cabinet. Thus called due to the rounded drawers for flour storage and ease to scoop out. They are also often called sow belly, pot belly and hoosier flour cabinet.

Is Hoosier a derogatory term?

The Dictionary of American Regionalism, in 1965, said that Hoosier is regularly used to mean “a countryfied person.” Around this time, the word sometimes referred specifically to those from Indiana, but not always; often, especially for Southerners, it was simply a derogatory word for someone from the country.

What does the term Hoosier mean?

Hoosier /ˈhuːʒər/ is the official demonym for a resident of the U.S. state of Indiana. Anyone born in Indiana or a resident at the time is considered to be a Hoosier. Indiana adopted the nickname “The Hoosier State” more than 150 years ago.

What’s a person from Indiana called?

For well over a century and a half the people of Indiana have been called Hoosiers. It is one of the oldest of state nicknames and has had a wider acceptance than most.

Is the Frugal Hoosier a real store?

Frugal Hoosier, THE discount grocery store of Orson, Indiana!

Why is Indiana named Indiana?

The nameIndiana” means “Land of the Indians” or “Land of Indians.” After the French lost the French and Indian War in 1763, the English took over the territory that would include latter-day Indiana.

What is Indiana most known for?

Indiana, known for its love of basketball and for producing stars such as Larry Bird and Louie Dampier, has generated the fifth-highest number of professional basketball players per capita of any state. 6. Indiana has the nation’s second-largest automotive industry and is leading the U.S. in manufacturing job growth.

What are nicknames for Indiana?


Why do they call Indiana Naptown?

Back in the 60s and 70s downtown Indianapolis was a sleepy town that would roll up the sidewalks after 5:00 or 6:00 and nothing was happening. So this the downtown had this sleepy reputation and you heard the word nap when you say IndiaNAPolis hence the name Naptown.

What is Indiana’s motto?


What does Indiana flag stand for?

The flag consists of a gold torch that represents liberty and enlightenment; the rays around the torch represent their far-reaching influence. The nineteen stars represent Indiana’s place as the nineteenth state to join the United States.

Which state is Indiana in USA?

However, the Indiana state US shares its boundary with Michigan in north, Ohio in the east, Kentucky in the south and south-east, and Illinois in the west.

Indiana State – Quick Facts.

Country: United States
Abbreviation: IN, Ind. US-IN
Largest City: Indianapolis
Area: 36,418 sq mi (94,321 km2)

What city has a flag with a red circle?

Flag of Indianapolis
Proportion 3:5
Adopted May 20, 1963
Design A white star within a red circle within a white circle, with four white stripes moving outward perpendicularly, on a field of navy blue.