Submitting Book Reviews

Children Reading black and white old largeWe’re looking for book reviewers. We are always looking for book reviewers.

We publish fiction and poetry like any good lit journal, but book reviews are our bread and butter. We have several critics who write for us on an ongoing basis, but we’re greedy and we want more.

Which is where you come in. If you love to read and love to write (and are good at both), you should consider reviewing books for us.

Most of our current book reviews are of poetry, literary and small press fiction, YA fiction, and nonfiction books on topics such as gender and sexuality, film, and music. We’d love to diversify our reviews to include fiction and nonfiction of (almost) all genres to more fully meet the needs of our readers, and we’d also love more reviews in the categories we already provide, in order to have more voices contributing to our site. We would really love to develop relationships with talented writers who want to write reviews for us on an ongoing basis and don’t mind that (right now) we can’t pay for said reviews (it’s on our radar though).

If you’re interested, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Read through some of the reviews currently on our site and get a feel for what we publish.
  2. Read our writing guidelines in their entirety and follow them when submitting work.
  3. If you are interested in writing a one-off review, please query us about the book you intend to write about before sending us the review. Approval of a query is not a guarantee we will accept the final piece.
  4. If you are interested in writing reviews for us on an ongoing basis, email us at the address provided in the fourthsycamore (at) gmail dot com. Include a short bio, let us know why you want to write reviews for us, tell us about what you like to read (and would like to review), and let us know how often you would be interested in writing reviews. You also need to either include links to at least two pieces of your writing or attach two writing samples.
  5. Understand there is an editorial process for being accepted. If we choose not to accept your submissions, or your bid to write regular reviews for us, please don’t take it personally. We sincerely appreciate your interest.

We are very excited to hear from you. Now get to work!